Dr Yavini Reddy


Dr Yavini Reddy







Research Interests

Paediatric Neurology and Neurodevelopment



Paediatric Neorology Fellow


Graduated MBChB with First Class Honours from University of Cape Town  (UCT) Medical School

2005 CMSA Diploma in Child Health of the College of Paediatricians of South Africa (DCH(SA))

2007 CMSA Diploma in HIV Management of the College of Family Practitioners of South Africa (Dip HIV Man(SA))

2012 Completed CMSA Fellowship of College of Paediatricians of South  Africa (FCPaed(SA))

2013 Masters of Medicine (Paediatrics and Child Health) from University of Kwazulu Natal (UKZN)



2003 Invited into Golden Key International Honour Society in recognition of  Outstanding Scholastic Achievement and Excellence

2004 Advanced Trauma Life Support Course (ATLS)

2004 Royal College of Surgeons Basic Surgical Skills Course (BSS)

2005 Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Course (ACLS)

2005 /2011  Paediatric Advanced Life Support Course (PALS)


2008 Awarded Leslie Rabinowitz Medal for distinguished results in

 Part 1 of the Fellowship Examination of the College of Paediatricians  of South Africa (CMSA)

2010 Awarded 1st Prize for Registrar Research Presentation at UKZN Paediatrics Showcase in Clinical Education and Research

List of Publications

  1. Reddy Y, Banoo ZB. Abdominal teratoma: A Case of mistaken identity. Paediatric Quarterly 2010; 2:20-25.
  2. Reddy Y, Nattar Y. Chylothorax in Children. Paediatric Quarterly 2012; 4:19-23.
  3. Reddy Y, Ganie Y, Pillay K. Presenting Characteristics of Children with Type 1 Diabetes. S Afr J CH 2013; 7(2):46-48.

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