Dr Akhtar Hussain

Dr Akhtar Hussain



Dr Akhtar Hussain







Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine

Research Interests

HIV, TB, cmv, and ALRI


Clinical Manager 


Present position  

Clinical Manager, Department of Paediatrics and running the HIV/AIDS Department at Prince Mshiyeni Hospital

Supervising Place of Safety Children’s Home, Umlazi

Positions and Honours


1. Registrar Pediatrics: 1987 -1991 King Edward Hospital/Department of Pediatrics, University of Kwazulu Natal

2. Principal Medical Officer 1992- 2003 Prince Mshyeni Hospital Pediatrics

3. Chief Medical Officer/ HIV/AIDS Management 2004- 2009 Prince Mshyeni Hospital

4. Consultant – Family Medicine and Paediatrics, HIV/AIDS 2009 – present Prince Mshyeni Hospital, Durban, South Africa


Previous positions


1. Member of South African Clinicians HIV/AIDS Society

2. Past President of the South African Medical Association, KZN Branch

  3. National Counselor of the South African Medical Association 2010-2012

  4. Member of Provincial Infection Prevention Control


List of Publications

Peer-reviewed publications


  • SLE Case Report in SMJ 1991
  • Pregnant Women’s Access to PMTCT and ART Services in South Africa and Implications for Universal Antiretroviral Treatment -2012


Research Support. PMTCT program at Prince Mshiyeni Hospital.

  • Auditing PMTCT Programme
  • Co-ordinate program offered to mums and babies that attend antenatal clinic and deliver at Prince Mshyeni Hospital.
  • Monitor and evaluate impact of treatment and progress of babies.
  • Liase with Local PMTCT Manager
  • Inservice to all interns and nursing staff.