Dr Kevin Spicer

Dr Kevin Spicer



Dr Kevin Spicer



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Research Interests

Paediatric Infectious Diseases


Clinical Lecturer


Pediatric Consultant: Paediatrics and Child Health, PMB Metropolitan Hospitals Complex

Head, Paediatric Infectious Diseases, PMB Metro Member, Infection Control Committee, Grey’s Hospital

List of Publications

  • Spicer KB, Salamon D, Cummins C, Rodgers L, Marcon MJ.  Cocirculation of three Bordetella species during an outbreak of cough illness in Ohio: epidemiology, clinical features, laboratory findings, and antimicrobial susceptibility.  Pediatric Infectious Diseases Journal 2014;33:e162-e167.
  • Spicer KB, Perkins L, DeJesus B, Wang S-H, Powell DA.  Completion of latent tuberculosis therapy in children: impact of country of origin and neighborhood clinics.  Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society 2013;4:312-9.  pit015
  • Wallihan R, Selvarangan R, Marcon M, Koranyi K, Spicer K, Jackson MA.  Bordetella parapertussis bacteremia: two case reports.  Pediatric Infectious Diseases Journal  2013;32:796-8.
  • Rodgers L, Martin SW, Cohn A, Budd J, Marcon M, Terranella A, Mandal S, Salamon D, Leber A, Tondella M-L, Tatti K, Spicer K, Emanuel A, Kock E, McGlone L, Pawloski L, LeMaile-Williams M, Tucker N, Iyer R, Clark TA, DiOrio M.  Epidemiologic and laboratory features of a large outbreak of pertussis-like illnesses associated with cocirculating Bordetella holmesii and Bordetella pertussis—Ohio, 2010-2011.  Clinical Infectious Diseases  2013;56:322-31.  doi: 10.1093/cid/cis888.  Epub 2012 Oct 19.
  • Spicer KB, Powell DA.  Immunizations for internationally adopted children.  Pediatric Annals 2010;39:517-20, 23-4.